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New Videotron Customers – Get started in 5 easy steps!

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  1. Go to the Customer Centre and sign up


Why is the Customer Centre useful? It allows you to view your account details instantly on a secure site. Want to check your balance? Wondering what packages and services you’ve signed up for? Find all this information and more through the Customer Centre. After you create an account, you’ll also be able to access and your PVR.


Click the link to view a tutorial on how to create your Customer Centre account and discover all the benefits it offers!



  1. Register for online billing


Everyone wants to do their part for the environment—and with digital billing, it’s easy! Online billing can also save you time. You’ll never forget to pay a bill again! To sign up for online billing, just head to the Customer Centre. All it takes is a few clicks!


Complete information is available here 


And here


  1. Familiarize yourself with your bill


There’s a lot of information on your bill, so it’s not always easy to understand it at first glance. But since finding your information is both helpful and reassuring, here’s how to read your Videotron bill:


  • Your Account number is in the top right corner, beside the Invoice date.


  • On the left side, the Invoice period refers to the period you’re being billed for.


  • The Description lists any credits, discounts, installation fees or equipment fees. This is where you can see if any services were added, removed or changed during the invoice period.


  • When you add, remove or change a service, any unused period for the former service is credited and the cost of the new service is adjusted to the number of days the new service is used (i.e. on a pro rata basis).


  • Finally, this area shows any pay-per-use services (such as video on demand, pay per view or usage beyond your package’s limits during the invoice period).


For a full demo on how to read and understand your bill, click here



This article also offers a helpful explanation



  1. Create a Videotron Webmail address


When you get home Internet, a Videotron email address is automatically created for you. You can add, change or delete email addresses for you and your family through the Customer Center. You’ll be able to add up to five new users.


How do you do it? Simply log in to the Customer Centre and go to the Your Videotron services section. Select Webmail, and then click Manage your Webmail accounts.


Here’s the link to the Customer Centre



  1. Configure your Videotron wireless router


Videotron wireless routers are very safe and can be used as soon as they are connected to a modem. However, a lot of people worry that setting up a wireless router is hard. Rest assured that it’s actually fairly straightforward. This is how you do it:


Your box contains:

  • A router
  • A yellow or grey cable
  • A power cable


Your wireless router has already been configured and secured. All you have to do is plug it in. Make sure it’s located near your Internet modem because you will have to connect them.


Next steps:


  • Plug the power cable in the router’s DC input terminal
  • Plug the other end into an electrical outlet
  • Insert the network cable into the router’s blue WAN port and connect the other end to the modem’s Internet port
  • Press the power button to turn the router on and make sure the LED displays are lit up
  • To reboot the modem, unplug and wait 5 seconds


If necessary, go to the Support section of our website for more detailed information on installing and rebooting your router...



I hope these tips get you off to a good start! We aim to offer excellent service to all our customers and we’re always willing to go the extra mile for you.