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Modem Technicolor et MoCA 2.0



Je voudrais savoir si certains d'entre vous savent si le modem Technicolor TC4400 (SKU : TNTC4400VDN) a un adapter MoCA intégré dans le modem. Je veux connecter ma maison par des adapteurs MoCA (avec splitter et filtre PoE) a travers mes ports coaxial et je voulais donc savoir si j'avais besoin d'un seul ou de deux adapteurs. Je veux aussi éviter de passer un fil ethernet partout dans la maison.

Merci pour votre aide!

Hi everyone,


I'd like to know if any of you have experience with MoCA adapters, specifically for the Technicolor TC4400 modem. I wanted to know if that specific model has an integrated MoCA adapter. I'd like to extend my internet feed to another floor without running ethernet cables everywhere. So, I would to know if I need two MoCA adapters or just the one if the Technicolor modem has an integrated MoCA adapter.

Thank you very much for you help!



Funny enough was looking into the same thing as I too want to setup MoCA adapters. Briefly googling about it, it doesn't seem to have one integrated based on this article from the company's site:


Under the question "With all of these big improvements, can you describe the main DOCSIS 3.1 platforms that are the basis of Technicolor’s product range?"


It mentions the TC4400 and, what it has then later mentions the CGA4234 which has MoCA. Also came across the MoCA site which lists devices that they've certified:


It's not a guarantee that a device that has MoCA capailities will show up on that list, goCoax for example, however the TC4400 is not showing unlike a few of TC's products.


Problem at this point is the coexistance of Docsis 3.1 and MoCA 2.0. It looks like there's a practice that is available:


Parent page: (Operational Practice for the coexistence of DOCSIS 3.1 and MoCA 2.0 Now Available)


Make sure the device you're considering will work with Docsis 3.1, if not see if you can have a dedicated cable for the TC4400 and, another for MoCA. Also check for MoCA 2.5 devices such as goCoax's, tough to find in canada but available on (US site), which has much better specs than 2.0 and, I recall reading that you will get 1Gbps speeds in both directions at the same time.


I haven't done this yet to my home but I'm planning to order goCoax's devices at a later time. Best of luck and, please share your experience if you get it working or not.

Thanks for the documented answer! It is really appreciated and you found some pretty cool information! I guess I didn't look well enough for some documentation on the TC4400.

From the first link, I suppose that the TC4400 doesn't have MoCA 2.0 otherwise they would have mentioned it like they did for the CGA4233. 

As for the coexistence between DOCSIS 3.1 and MoCA 2.0, I think that it won't be compatible with the GoCOAX if it's sharing the same coaxial network. Here's a comment by the Company's reddit account :

From what I can gather in that comment, you'll need a direct line between the MoCA adapter and the router like in this picture : If I understand correctly, this would essentially mean that I would have to run a coaxial cable from my router to my MoCA adapter which would be the same thing as wiring an ethernet cable.

Since my post, I just bought a flat 100 ft CAT5e ethernet cable and wall clips to run the ethernet wire through the stairs. I'm also quite lucky as I have a house filled with Persian carpets which are great ethernet covers! 

The GoCoax truly seemed like the best option from what I researched a month ago. I'll try the ethernet wiring and if I find it too cumbersome, I might just get myself GoCoax adapters provided that they work with my modem. They sell it on their website and it's about 60 USD each. They also sell the MoCA filter and coaxial splitter on their website! It actually comes less than the Actiontech MoCA kit which currently goes for 260$ on Amazon CA (it was 190$ a month ago, wow). 

Update us when you'll have a GoCoax set-up especially if you have the same modem!

La borne Helix Fi a un adaptateur Moca Intégré.  Je ne l'utilise pas personnellement mais un de mes amis l'utilise.


On peut l'activer dans les pages de configuration de la borne dans " Connection > MoCA "


Ci dans le FIRMWARE qui est par default il va avoir un option Gateway haute gauche et connection MOCA est deja integrer sur les borne helix. 



Le modem HELIX a deja MOCA integree il sagit clicker sur   entrer vos donner

une foi etablis en haut a gauche clicker sur gateway apres connection et vous 

voyer MOCA

DOCSIS 3.1 is an old technologie but can take 1 terrabyet of speed max (1000 mgit) its the limit coax cant pump much more unless they boost the amp on the COAX even there.... BUT FIBER is an other story its all the glore no way FIRST ill explain VIDEOTRON ip is over dhcp and the lease is 24/60 hours.. then the lease is release means the ip is now available to some121 to grab it. but videotorn just renew the lease right away. NOW if you want your own IP dedicated and belogns to you with your own PTR it means if i ping you ip it will say not videotron it will say what you want  exp. ping videotron blah put with a static ip your no longuer sharing the gateway cause cable modem as a gateway that everyone connects on it. it shared bandwith BUT WITH statip prt you own you ip you own your gateway its called your and no one elses