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Helix Fi 2 and Xbox Series X ethernet problems


Helix Fi 2 and Xbox Series X ethernet problems

new Helix Fi 2 router with 4 ethernet ports:


1 port to pc

1 port to Deco mesh unit

1 port to simple switch w 8 ports

1 port to Xbox Series X


the Xbox CAN get Helix wifi connection (300 MBPS)

the Xbox CAN get connection if plugged into one of the 8 ports on the switch but speed is slooooow (95 MBPS)


the Xbox CAN NOT get ethernet connection in ANY of the 4 helix ports directly


is there some configuration needed like PortForwarding on the router to make the ethernet connection work ?

I dont want to run it over wifi with the rest of the family using laptops and netflix and other wifi devices..


thank you/ merci




Helix has only 2 Ethernet ports I think. The series X is the AC protocol, so using Wifi you should be higher.


Did uPnP is on? Port forwarding is not really needed when it's on

the new Helix Fi 2 does have 4 ports:




I will cehck uPnP when back home...merci

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@Grendizer  a écrit :

Helix has only 2 Ethernet ports I think.

Helix FI 2 gateway has 4.


Problem is a strange one tho. Might want to give give technical support a call.


I just saw that, my bad.


If you plug your Xbox to one of the 8 ports and get only 95Mbit/s, that is surely your ethernet is running at 100M instead of 1000M, so you have a bad cable, the ethernet falls back to 100M from 1000M is some of the wires are bad.  Unless someone can tell me how to look on the Helix web page how ethernet port speed is currently.

So change your cable, as Helix ethernet port is 1000M, I saw very often bad cable causing 1000M fallback to 100M.

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Hi Noneedfor. If you cannot make your Xbox work with one of the ethernet ports of the gateway, we strongly suggest you reach our technical support over here: http://bit.ly/FB_Contact_Us.

Thank you!

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