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Your Mobile service when travelling: manage your roaming options as you see fit

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Attention all globetrotters! Feel free to text or call your friends, or to use your data when travelling abroad. Videotron’s got you covered with the Daily Traveller Pass.


This feature, which you can manage entirely as you see fit via your Customer Centre, allows you to use your Mobile service while travelling abroad.


How much does it cost?


  • $10 per day when travelling to the US –  maximum 10 days per billing cycle.
  • $14 per day when travelling to one of the 155 eligible countries –  maximum 20 days per billing cycle.

How does it work?


With the Daily Traveller Pass, everywhere you go feels like home: the services included in your Mobile plan become accessible in the US and internationally.


Activation of the Daily Traveller Pass is done manually with just one click, directly from your Customer Centre online or in the User Centre + app. You decide when you want to activate it, and the charges are only triggered when you use one of the services in your Mobile plan.


The option is included with all our unlimited voice and text messaging plans that include data. Note that if your plan already covers the US, the Pass will remain inactive when travelling there. 


In detail… 


Calls made in the country visited, towards Canada, are included. If you call another destination, the fees incurred will be billed to you in accordance with the country rate listed.


Text messages sent from one of the countries covered by the Pass are included. You can receive text messages from any country in the world—it’s covered by the Pass!


Data downloaded and sent from one of the countries covered by the Pass is included. Just remember to respect the data allowance included in your plan! If you exceed your monthly data limit, you will be billed exactly as if you were at home. If you see that you're approaching your limit, you can always purchase a Data Add-on on demand, directly from your Customer Centre online (learn how right here). It’s simple and quick, and you’re in control!


Good to know!


Certain plans do not come with the Daily Traveller Pass option:

  • Plans without data
  • Plans with flexible data rates
  • Plans with flexible Data Add-ons


Billing for the Daily Traveller Pass shall not exceed:

  • 10 days per billing cycle when travelling to the US (maximum $100)
  • 20 days per billing cycle when travelling to one of the other eligible destinations (maximum $280)


Before your departure:

  • Data transmission must be enabled on the device for the option to work while roaming
  • You must remove any roaming blocks to activate the Daily Traveller Pass


The Daily Traveller Pass does not include: 

  • Air travel 
  • Cruises

See cruise and extraterritorial rates


See more details on the Daily Traveller Pass and other Mobile travel options.