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Your mobile outdoors: 10 tips to protect your phone from the cold

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It’s not easy to take a selfie on a ski lift when your fingers are frozen . . . even less so when your phone lags or turns off because of the cold! As we all know, cellphones don’t like winter. But your device is an absolute must-have when you’re outdoors, as it allows you to capture beautiful moments and share them, and also get directions. Here are some tips for enjoying your phone in cold weather, no matter where you go or what you do. 


1. Keep your phone close to your body 

Ideally, slip your phone into an inner jacket pocket, with the battery against your body. Your body heat will extend the battery’s life. Avoid leaving it in a backpack or side pocket, which are more exposed to the cold. 


2. Protect it with a thermal case 

Different models of winter or heating cases can help protect your phone and prevent it from switching off as long as possible. Québec-based company Hot Poc designed a phone case that looks like a cute sleeping bag! Simply slide in a reusable hand warming pack and presto! The battery will last up to three times as long. 


3. Keep an external power supply handy 

If you’re planning to go out for several hours, it may be useful to bring a backup battery with you. These portable power supplies connect directly to your phone so it can stay on a few extra hours (don’t forget to recharge it before you leave!). 


4. Use connected accessories 

Bluetooth headphones or a connected watch allow you to access multiple functions on your device without having to take it out of your coat. In addition, Siri and Google Assistant voice commands may also prove very useful. 


5. Wear touchscreen gloves

Touchscreen gloves are a good way to avoid frostbite. They’re made of special fibres that register contact with your screen. Some models even have silver nylon fibres that create a link to your skin. Surprising, but true! 


6. Enable Glove Mode 

Some cellphones have a glove mode. Once enabled in the device settings, this mode increases the screen’s sensitivity, allowing you to use it even when wearing regular gloves! However, not all models have this feature.  


7. Wait before turning your phone back on 

If your device has shut off due to the cold, don’t try to turn it back on right away. You first need to warm it up gradually. Otherwise, condensation may form in its internal parts and cause damage. Keep your device as close to your body as possible or let it gradually get back to normal in a heated room before switching it back on again. 


8. Dry your device if you get it wet 

Did you drop your phone in the snow? Dry it off completely before turning it back on. To do so, place it in a bag of rice or litter, taking care to tape up its sockets so nothing gets into them. You can also purchase a drying kit specifically designed for these incidents. Most importantly, avoid using a hair dryer, as too much heat could damage internal components. 


9. Set the device to Airplane Mode 

Did you know that Airplane Mode helps preserve battery life? That’s because Wi-Fi and Bluetooth use up power even when your device is turned off. This trick also ensures you won’t unexpectedly go over your data limit when you’re outside. Another way to save power is to turn down your screen’s brightness level.  


10. Choose a device with a long-lasting battery 

Some phone models are more resistant to the cold than others. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, check with your retailer to see if the model you want is known to withstand low temperatures. Also, don’t forget to check for compatibility with connected devices, such as a watch, headset, or backup battery. 


Answer nature’s call, not your phone’s! 

Enjoying outdoor activities in winter is a great way to recharge. It allows you to invigorate your body and mind and spend some quality time in good company. Why not take this opportunity to completely disconnect and leave your phone at home? After all, it’s the best way to protect it from the cold. Your peace of mind and phone will thank you!