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With Videotron, your mobile goes where you go

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The warm weather is finally here, and with it comes the desire to visit other countries across the globe!


When jotting down your list of things to pack, make sure to include your mobile device. Of course, roaming charges are on everyone’s mind, but with Videotron, you can rest assured that your invoice won’t blow up with every call you make or text message you send. We have travel solutions for everyone, whether you’re going on a one-day road trip or planning a trek across the globe.  


For occasional short trips, the Daily Traveller Pass is ideal—it lets you use your Mobile plan abroad exactly as if you were back at home. We show you how to use this option here.


For those of you who have to travel to the United States on a regular basis, we have Canada-US plans. Learn more about these plans here.


And finally, we have our Wi-Fi Calling Service, which lets you make calls and send text messages when travelling internationally, without having to pay any long-distance fees or use a third-party app. Everything is done directly with your phone over a Wi-Fi network. We tell you everything you need to know about this innovative option here.


So go on—start packing and bon voyage!