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Wi-Fi calling, the perfect solution for flawless reception quality



At a time where we’re spending a lot of time at home or where teleworking is starting to become the norm for companies and slowly winning over every generation, having impeccable mobile phone reception everywhere in your house is a necessity.


Sadly, many people are still struggling with poor reception which limits how effective their communication is. It’s often the case that people who live in a big house where reception is not the same in every room, for those who basement rhymes with no network, for those that live between cellphone proof cement walls or for those who are staying in their far away cottage too far from a cellphone tower.  There is a simple solution to these situations: Wi-Fi calls!


A solution that’s already on your phone

The Wi-Fi Calling service allows you, with your mobile number, to make and receive calls and text messages from any Wi-Fi network without having to go through a third-party application like Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger.


At home, your home Wi-Fi network becomes your own personal cellphone network, whereas with Wi-Fi Calling while travelling, you can use your phone where Wi-Fi is available to keep in touch with loved ones and avoid long-distance charges. The data used when using the Wi-Fi Calling service is not your mobile data from your plan, but the data from the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. Read the column by our collaborator Mathieu Roy, our tech expert!


All you need is a compatible mobile device with Wi-Fi Calling enabled, a VoLTE sim card with the VoLTE setting enabled in your account and access to a Wi-Fi network. Not sure if your device is compatible with this service? To check compatibility, go to your Customer Centre.


Enabling the Wi-Fi Calling Service

  1. Make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection on your device and that you’re on Videotron’s mobile network.
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi Calling in your mobile device settings.
  3. Add an emergency address.
  4. Accept the Terms of Use.
  5. Once activated, the network name will change to Videotron Wi-Fi.


Optimizing your reception quality

Sometimes the call or signal quality of a Wi-Fi network can deteriorate for various reasons, thus interfering with your calls. Here are some things to check to optimize your reception’s quality:

  • Wi-Fi networks are sensitive to microwave ovens or transmitters like baby monitors. Stay away from these devices during your calls.
  • Physical barriers like aquariums and thick concrete walls are common causes for Wi-Fi signal degradation. Change locations or add Wi-Fi relays for better network reach and performance.
  • Change your preferred network to Wi-Fi calling. Make sure that Wi-Fi calls are prioritized over mobile calls in your settings.

The Wi-Fi Calling service is the easy and convenient solution for anyone who wants to get good reception quality anytime, at home or elsewhere and save money. Try it out!

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