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Videotron’s generous All-Inclusive plans



Choose an All-Inclusive plan and relax. We’ll take care of everything!

In today’s telecommunications market, trying to find what’s right for you can get confusing as you browse through an endless variety of plans designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for mobile data.


You’ll often find unlimited plans featuring an initial data allowance that slows to s nail’s pace when you’ve used it up. You were just sharing the funniest video of all time on your social networks? Watching the latest episode of your favourite series? On a super important video call? You immediately purchase more data, because you need that high-speed connection to share and consume content normally. There are also compelling deals that offer a new device for free, but suddenly don’t look so good when you realize you’d have to pay an additional monthly fee on top of your package.


Dreaming of abundance and simplicity? That’s what Videotron has in store for you with its generous mobile plans. Forget about losing speed because you’ve exceeded your data allowance! Say goodbye to lacklustre plans that force you to buy additional data every month! No more surprises due to a hefty bill with unexpected device fees! Say hello to All-Inclusive plans that let you enjoy yourself.


These extremely generous plans include an additional 100 GB of data per year, non-stop high-speed connection, a cutting-edge mobile device and even a Club illico mobile subscription.


With an All-Inclusive plan, no need to worry even when your monthly data allowance has run out. You can tap into your 100 GB bank for up to 20 GB per month whenever you want to keep doing your thing with a connection speed that never slows down, no matter how much data you use. All that with a new, cutting-edge device that doesn’t add any extra fees to your monthly bill. And that’s on top of the Club illico mobile subscription included in your plan, which gives you access to a wide range of exclusive series and movies whenever you want, anywhere in Canada.


We designed our All-Inclusive plans for you, so you can finally enjoy your fast-paced, connected life to its fullest. Take advantage of it today!