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TV Security and Parental Control: Setting up Your PIN

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It can’t be stressed enough: securing all your devices is essential. I can already hear you asking: “But why would I need a PIN on my TV?” For one thing, to prevent unwanted or unexpected purchases that lead to eye-popping charges on your next invoice. Second, to keep your jaw from hitting the floor when you find your kids enthralled by content that is not appropriate or that does not communicate the same educational values as those you teach at home.


Don’t worry—we’ve thought of everything you need to make sure your family’s TV experiences are always simple and fun.


Purchase PIN and Parental Control PIN on Helix TV

When enabled, any paid content orders must be confirmed using the Purchase PIN. Just press the HELIX key on your remote control, select Settings, then Purchase PIN. Enable it and create a four-digit PIN. Choose a PIN that you can easily remember, but that your kids won’t guess on the first try!

Parental Control allows you to set restrictions on content access, channels, applications, and when the television can be watched. Use the “Parental Control” voice command and activate Parental Control by creating your four-digit PIN. Then set the parental control level and the restrictions you want. This Parental Control PIN will be required to change current settings and to access restricted content.

Tip: Don’t struggle with the two PINs—you can use the same PIN for both features. This is convenient, since you need to configure them separately on each Helix TV terminal and mobile device with the Helix TV app.

Learn more about how PINs work on Helix TV.


Administrator and Parental Control PINs on illico TV

The administrator PIN enables you to order content on channel 900, modify your services, and access Parental Control. Since the default PIN for all illico terminals is 0000 (and can’t be considered a well-kept secret), change it to make it more secure. For the illico New Generation terminal, press the A key on your remote control, select Settings, then Controls and Limits. Enter the current PIN and select Modify Your Admin PIN. You can then create your new four-digit PIN. Do you have a first-generation illico terminal? See these instructions.

With your administrator PIN, you can activate Parental Control to filter certain content by age group or even hide adult content. On the illico New Generation terminal, press the A key on your remote control, select Settings, then Controls and Limits. Enter your PIN, select Edit Controls and Limits, then activate Parental Control. See the instructions for a first generation illico terminal.

Tip: You can let family members order paid content without having to share your administrator PIN. The Order PIN is a second PIN created specifically for ordering paid content. Set it up.

Learn more about how PINs work on illico TV.


Since I began by telling you that security is important on all your devices, here are a few other useful reads about the various PINs you can use:

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