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Products and tips for a successful back-to-school season

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Whether you’re the parent of school-aged kids, a student about to embark on your first rooming experience, or simply a diehard TV buff, Videotron services are a back-to-school essential!


Parents, it’s time to rein them back in!

For many children, summer is synonymous with extra freedom. They get to sleep in, eat tons of ice cream, and enjoy almost limitless screen time. With school starting up again, as parents, you will likely have to cut down on some of this freedom and, especially, get your kids back into a more structured screen time routine.

The Helix Fi app is an effective tool for limiting a household’s Wi-Fi access. It offers simple, easy-to-use options that allow you to determine which devices your children are allowed to use, set daily activity limits, pause your children’s devices for a set or indefinite period of time, and activate Parental Control to restrict accessible content. With the Helix Fi app, there’s no more fighting to get them off their screens when it’s time to do homework or go to bed. You’ve got the control!


Students, it's time for you to take the reins!

Is it finally time to leave the nest and move out on your own? Of course, this new adventure comes with new responsibilities, such as doing your laundry, cleaning your apartment, and paying your bills, not to mention managing your mobile data usage. You’ll need to learn to responsibly manage your data and avoid overage charges. Here are some helpful tips and tricks:


  • Regularly check your data usage in the Customer Centre, and receive notifications updating you on your usage.
  • Hold on to your megabytes by reducing background data usage and disabling the automatic video playback function on Facebook.
  • Do all your downloading over Wi-Fi. When you’re not at your apartment, make it a habit to look for Wi-Fi—this way, you won’t use your mobile data to watch a show or start a costly download.

If you’re rooming with other students, you’ll want the Helix TV app, which can be used on five mobile devices simultaneously. Five devices means five roommates—it's entertainment nirvana! This app allows you to watch your live TV channels and recorded content, access On Demand content, download for later viewing, and stream your content on any screen, even your TV. Say goodbye to parental control, you now have all the free rein you dreamed of.


TV buffs, treat yourselves!

The days are getting shorter, evenings are getting cooler, it’s back to the daily grind. Fall also brings the start of a new TV season, with tons of new features and hours of entertainment, everyone snuggled up together on the couch.

To make the most of the season premieres, take the time to change the channels in your TV plan using My Account, and be ready to watch the series that will be starting this fall. If you haven’t already, you can also check out the catalogue of more than 6,500 French-language films and series on Club illicoyou can access them on your TV, your mobile devices, and online. You’ll find many new features, including Xavier Dolan’s first series, La nuit où Laurier Gaudreault s’est réveillé, premiering this fall.


Finally, for those who binge on TV series like popcorn, you’ll find thousands of additional programs in the On Demand content. It’s quite possible that your new favourite series is there, ready to be viewed anytime, with no recording required.

This year, don’t miss a thing! Discover our back-to-school promotions and take full advantage of everything that Videotron has to offer! You’ll enrich your experience this fall and breeze through the change in seasons.

Have a great back-to-school season!