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Phishing attempts on the rise




The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security has unfortunately noticed an increase in phishing campaigns regarding the COVID-19 among businesses and individuals (our customers). The Canadian government remains on alert and has taken action to stop these campaigns.


At Videotron, we are monitoring the situation closely and we remain vigilant to protect our employees and our customers.


Here is a reminder of good practices to recognize phishing attacks:


  • Do not respond to emails requesting urgent or immediate action and announcing an imminent consequence, do not follow the links provided, do not open an attachment and do not provide any personal information.
  • Even if you know the company that purportedly sent the email, avoid clicking any links. Instead, enter the official Web address in your Web browser or check the hyperlink in the suspicious email by hovering over the link to verify the address.
  • Check the quality of the writing: Phishing emails often contain spelling mistakes.
  • Update your software, especially Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, your antivirus software and operating system.
  • Before making an online transaction, always check the reliability of the company’s website.



Also, know that Videotron would never send its customers:


  • A link to a website asking to give information such as customer number, password and other personal information, both by email and by text message;
  • A redirect link to an external site (which is not a Videotron site).


For further information, consult the page related to the subject on our site by clicking here.


Thank you for your collaboration