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New Videotron Customers – Get started in 5 easy steps!

Pro Vidéotron




  1. Sign up to My Account or the Customer Centre



If you’re subscribed to the Helix services, sign up for My Account. If you’re subscribed to Mobility, illico TV, Internet, or Home Phone services, sign up for the Customer Centre.

Why is it useful? Because in My Account and the Customer Centre, you can manage your account securely and without waiting. Want to check your balance or track your mobile data usage? Check your services and equipment? Change your plan or TV channels? It’s all done online, in just a few clicks!


  1. Familiarize yourself with your invoice


EThere’s a lot of information on your first invoice, so it’s not always easy to understand it at first glance. In order to be well informed and reassured, here is some valuable information that will enlighten you, depending on the services you subscribe to:


For a better understanding of your invoice, the article SOS: I received my first invoice also offers a helpful explanation.


  1. Install yourself or prepare for the technician’s visit


Helix self-installation

If you have chosen to self-install your Helix equipment, you will receive your equipment by mail and can install it at your own pace using our online detailed instructions and video tutorials.


In case a pre-installation connection appointment is required, see how to prepare for it.


Installation by a technician

If the installation of your services is done by a Videotron technician, make sure that you are present at your home on the given date and see how you can prepare for this appointment:


  1. Manage your Wi-Fi like a pro


Because we like to have control at our fingertips, Videotron’s mobile applications simplify the management of your Wi-Fi network.


Helix Internet Service: The Helix Fi app allows you to manage all aspects of your network, users, and connected devices and objects from your mobile device, wherever you may be.


Residential Internet service: The Videotron WiFi app lets you configure and customize your network, check its quality, and set up user access schedules from your mobile device.



  1. Explore your TV entertainment



Are you a Helix TV subscriber? Take the time to familiarize yourself with your new feature: voice command. Get started by discovering some examples of commands that will make your TV respond instantly.


Also explore the intuitive interface that brings together your live channels, On Demand content, and a host of your favourite apps.


Whether you’re a Helix or illico TV subscriber, discover all the useful information you need to make the most of your entertainment. And remember that you can access your TV content on your mobile, tablet, or computer, wherever you are, thanks to the Helix TV app.


We hope these tips get you off to a good start with Videotron! We aim to offer excellent service to all our customers, and we’re always willing to go the extra mile for you.