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New security check to counter mobile port out scams


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Are you a new Videotron Mobile customer and want to keep your current number? Some mobile service providers have implemented a new security process to prevent port out scams during your number transfer.


Porting and scams

Porting your number lets you keep the same mobile phone number when switching from one provider to another. While this option is convenient for most people, some scammers may use that opportunity to steal your phone number and potentially get access to your personal information and identity.


A few mobile service providers have chosen to add an extra security check to confirm the number transfer between the old provider and the client before it can be used by the new provider, which prevents port out scams.


New porting validation process

As part of the new security process, clients requesting a port are required to confirm they indeed made the request by replying to a text or email, or answering a phone call.

The procedure is as follows:


  1. You subscribe to a Videotron mobile plan and say that you want to keep your current phone number.
  2. Videotron requests the number transfer from your old provider and then sends you a process reminder by email or text.
  3. Your old provider will then call you or send you a number transfer confirmation request by text or email.
  4. After receiving the request, you have until the date and time indicated in the text message to confirm that you’ve made the transfer request.
  5. Once the port request is confirmed, the line will be ready for activation on the transferred number.

Problems during your port process?

Before you start your port request, confirm that your contact information (phone number and email) at your old provider is up-to-date to make sure you receive the number transfer confirmation request.


Remember: you have to act quickly and confirm the transfer in the indicated time. Once this deadline expires, you can request a phone number transfer again by contacting our Customer Service department.