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How to recycle your small electronic devices

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It sits motionless in your trembling hand: never again will it vibrate to announce an incoming call. You stare at it intensely, but there's no response. It's gone.


The time has come to say goodbye to your very first cell phone. It witnessed your first awkward text messages when you were a teen, and was always there for you in the pocket of your favourite pair of jeans.


But what to do with the device, now that it's departed? Throw it in the garbage? Certainly not!


Instead, do your bit for the environment and offer your device a second life through the We Recycle program. It's easy: simply drop off your device at any Videotron point of sale or SuperClub location.

How does it work, exactly? Here's everything you need to know about the program.


What devices are accepted?

  • Cell phones (including accessories)
  • Digital receivers and cables
  • Routers
  • Modems
  • Video game consoles (including accessories)
  • Tablets and e-readers
  • Miscellaneous accessories (Internet keys, remote controls, etc.)

These are all products sold at Videotron and SuperClub locations. However, we’ll also recycle devices not initially purchased from us (Smiley Happy amazing!).


It's important to note that once an item has been dropped off for recycling, it can no longer be claimed. But don't stress: your old cell phone is in good hands!


What if your old phone still works, but your heart is set on another model?

Exchange your old phone at a Videotron location and you may be eligible for a discount on the purchase of a new device. The discounted amount depends on the condition of the old device you’re returning.


Important things to know


  1. You are responsible for your personal data—it's personal, after all.

Recycling your old electronic devices is a great initiative, but don't forget that you're responsible for erasing any personal data. Take the time to do this properly.

The following page offers helpful information if you decide to recycle your cell phone:


  1. It's in the bag!

Each device should be placed in the same bag as the accessories that go with it. This quick step will make the sorting process much easier.

It's simple, free and great for the planet!


 Now you're all set to recycle your devices!


If you need more information, please visit our Support page.