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Helix, what does it offer exactly?



Helix offers more than just entertainment. It adapts to your connected life to brighten it and make it easier in many ways, while allowing you to manage your services yourself. Discover everything Helix has to offer!


Access tons of quality content with Helix

Helix equipment is fully featured and opens up the world to you. Forget streaming devices like Apple TV or Chromecast, Helix already has many streaming content platforms! You can easily access all the content available on Club illico, Netflix or YouTube, in exceptional quality. Did you know that YouTube’s image quality on a mobile device typically ranges from 480p to 720p? Thanks to Helix, you can go up to 4K!

Here’s how


User-friendly applications

Two applications linked to Helix services are the perfect daily companions: Helix and Helix Fi. These perfect service managers can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • The Helix app allows you to schedule your recordings remotely, read the TV guide, access parental control and on-demand content, or download your favourite series to watch while you’re away without using up your mobile data. Each member of your family can download to their own mobile device and watch whatever they want.


Download the Helix app



  • The Helix Fi app, on the other hand, allows you to easily and effectively manage all the devices and users connected to your home Wi-Fi network. For example, you can limit Internet access for a set period of time for each user profile. Helix Fi also configures your preferences and alerts for network usage.


Download the Helix Fi app



Make changes yourself easily

Because everyone’s needs change based on their lives, Helix seamlessly adapts to all family or professional situations, whether that means increased content watching on mobile devices or a transition to teleworking.

My Helix account lets you change your Internet service based on your usage and change your TV channels to match your mood. As changes to your Helix plan may lead to an increase or reduction of your monthly fees, this change is always clearly shown when you confirm your order.

To change your services only, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to My Helix Account.
  2. In the Services and Equipment section, click on Change my services, you will then be able to change your Helix Internet or Helix TV plan.
  3. Confirm the changes to your plan and your new monthly fee on the Order Summary page by clicking on Place my order. A confirmation page will appear.


Your new Helix Internet or Helix TV plan will be activated moments after your changes at the same time as your billing. Here’s how to re-select your channels if the changes made to your Helix TV plan requires it or wait five or six minutes for your Gateway’s automatic restart to finish if you changed your Helix Internet plan.

Helix gives your tons of ways to entertain yourself and manage your services yourself. Don’t wait and explore all the ways to do so and finally enjoy your connected life.

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