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Guide 101: Videotron apps and management centres




The app world is vast; there are apps for everything and everyone. Here’s a fun question: how many apps do you have on your smartphone?


At Videotron, we have apps to entertain you and apps for managing your Internet. We also have management centres for all your products and services.


We have such a wide selection that it can sometimes get confusing when it comes to using an app or logging into one (or two!) management centres. Learn about the different features of these platforms and who they are intended for.


Manage your services with My Account and the Customer Centre

When you’re Videotron customer, you have access to two management centres depending on your products and services.


If you’re a Helix TV or Helix Internet customer, log in to My Account to get an overview of your services, manage your preferences, and view your billing information. You can use this customer space, created just for you, to manage your Helix services.


How to use My Account.


If you’re a Mobility, illico TV, Residential Internet, and Home Phone customer, log in to the Customer Centre for an overview of your account, to access your invoices and Home Phone options, and to manage your Internet and TV plans, as well as your data usage. You can download the User Centre + app to view your invoice balance, choose your payment method, and track your Mobile and Internet data usage.


How to use the Customer Centre and the User Centre +


Do you have both Helix and Mobility services? Access My Account and the Customer Centre to manage your products and services.


*My Account and the Customer Centre are not apps, but you can access these platforms by connecting to the Internet on your mobile devices or computer.


Enjoy our Helix TV and Club illico apps


There’s no shortage of entertainment apps at Videotron!


The Helix TV app lets you access your TV content on your mobile devices, computers and all your screens whenever you want. It’s like having your TV with you wherever you go! If you have a Helix TV, Helix TV app or illico TV plan, the Helix TV app is included. Watch your TV or on-demand content wherever you like. If you’re a Helix customer, you can program or modify your recordings with the Helix TV app.


*If you’re an illico customer, you need to download the Helix TV app to access your illico TV content on your mobile devices.


Discover all the features of the Helix TV app.


If you want access to the Helix TV app only without subscribing to a plan, you can do so with a TV app plan without terminal.


The Club illico app is available to everyone, whether or not they’re a Videotron customer. If you aren’t subscribed to any Videotron services, you can simply access the Club illico app to get a host of original productions, films, series, documentaries, and youth programs in French, to be watched on your mobile devices and online.


In short:

  • Non-customers, Internet only, or Basic Mobility customers = subscribe to the Club Illico app
  • Helix TV or illico TV customers = subscribe to Club illico and enjoy the content on TV and mobile devices with the Club illico app
  • All-inclusive Mobile customers = Club illico mobile is included

As the name suggests, the Club illico mobile app is exclusive to All-Inclusive Mobility customers.


Discover all the features of the Club illico app.


Manage your Internet with Videotron’s Helix Fi and WiFi apps

Videotron Internet management is simple. There are two apps you can use, depending on the service you subscribe to.


If you are subscribed to:

With the Helix Fi app, you can manage your Wi-Fi network, configure your Wi-Fi environment, troubleshoot problems, and manage your family’s network usage.

With the Videotron WiFi app, manage your Wi-Fi network at home, check your network quality with the diagnostic tool, and set up Internet access schedules for all users.


Apps, apps, and more apps

Now that we’ve demystified Videotron’s apps and management centres, here are more entertainment apps for you to discover. In addition, when you subscribe to Helix TV, get instant access to a host of integrated apps on Helix TV.


Discover all the entertainment apps.


Happy viewing!