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Google Keynote 2019

Chroniqueur techno

Google once again chose a gorgeous October day to introduce tech journalists to its latest products. I jumped at the chance to get my hands on their new gadgets.


And just minutes after the presentation, I summarized my first impressions. Have a look:




The Pixel 4 clearly stole the show. After hearing all the leaks and rumours, we finally got the chance to check it out for ourselves.


Some bold ideas and innovations have gone into this device. For instance, it has two rear-facing cameras and one front-facing one, but no wide angle. Add to that an intriguing motion sensor, a new astrophotography mode, and dramatically improved colour, light and shadow contrast. The designers included a black border but opted for no headphone jack. There aren’t any earbuds in the box, either. The device will work with a next-gen Google Assistant and come with a dictation feature that delivers real-time audio-to-text transcription.


What do you think? Which new features are you most excited about?



Here’s a brief summary of Google’s new products:

  • Two phones: Pixel 4 (5.7 in.) and Pixel 4 XL (6.3 in.)
  • Pixel Buds: wireless, long wear comfort, coming this spring
  • Stradia gaming platform: Launching November 19
  • Nest Wifi hub: Promises a strong and stable signal and includes a smart speaker
  • Nest Mini speaker: Better sound and voice recognition
  • Pixelbook Go computer: Ultra thin, lightweight, powerful processor and 12 hours of battery life

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