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Everything you need to know about Wi-Fi Calling

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When you travel, don’t let kilometres come between you and your loved ones! Use Wi-Fi Calling for some of your long-distance calls—all without incurring additional fees.


What exactly is Wi-Fi Calling? 


Wi-Fi Calling is a service that enables eligible customers to make calls or send text messages (SMS), and photo or video messages using a Wi-Fi network instead of using a mobile network.


Just some of the many advantages:  

  • Avoid long-distance fees (in many cases).
  • Ensure call completion when in suboptimal cellular coverage zones (ex: in basements, tunnels, or thick-walled buildings).
  • Avoid using third-party applications (ex: Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger), since you’re using your own telephone number.

Minutes used when using Wi-Fi Calling are deducted from your monthly plan.  

Data used during video calls are deducted from the plan that offers access to Wi-Fi networks. For example: if you place a video call at a café while using its Wi-Fi network, you’ll be using their data and not your own.


Who can use Wi-Fi Calling?


You are eligible1 for Wi-Fi Calling if: 

  • Your mobile device is equipped with LTE Voice technology (“VoLTE”); search the list of compatible devices here.
  • You’re subscribed to an eligible Mobile plan, and your SIM card is compatible with VoLTE technology. You can verify your SIM card’s compatibility in your Customer Centre, in the Information about your device section.
  • You’ve activated the VoLTE function on your mobile device.

How do I activate the Wi-Fi Calling service? 


You need to:

  • Activate the Wi-Fi Calling feature in your mobile device’s settings. (Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi and cellular network to activate the service.)
  • Add an emergency address.
  • Accept the conditions of use.

We demonstrate how to do this with a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone in this video tutorial.

The Samsung S8/S8+ and Note 8 will be compatible this spring. 


How can I ensure my Wi-Fi Calling feature is working properly?


Once Wi-Fi Calling is activated, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network during the entire duration of the call.


When this feature is active:

  • an icon samsung.png (Samsung)
  • or a Wi-Fi Videotron message apple.png (Apple) will appear on your screen.


Please note that call quality depends on the quality of the Wi-Fi network you’re using at the time.   


Are long-distance fees incurred?  


The majority of the time, long-distance fees aren’t incurred.


Below, you’ll find a list of what is included in your plan with the service:  

  • All in-coming calls, regardless of what country you’re in.
  • Out-going calls to a destination number located in Canada (ex: a call from France to Montréal).
  • In-coming and out-going text messages (SMS), photo and video (MMS) messages, regardless of what country you’re in.
  • Out-going calls to a destination number located in the same country as where you are located, so long as that country is listed as covered in our list of eligible countries (ex: France).

Below, you’ll find a list of what is not included in your plan

  • Out-going calls to a destination number in the country where you are located, when that country is not on the list of eligible countries (ex: Kenya).
  • Out-going calls to a destination number that is not where you are located, and that is not within Canada (ex: a call from France to Spain).
  • Out-going calls from Canada to another country.

Still have some questions? Want to share your Wi-Fi Calling experience with us? Visit our forum.


1 Wi-Fi Calling service is offered to Videotron customers who own a device compatible with the aforementioned technology. To subscribe to this service, customers must activate the Wi-Fi Calling function in their device’s settings, and accept the service’s terms of use. Wi-Fi calls require a connection to a wired Wi-Fi network in order to allow for signal transmission; therefore, it is impossible to use Wi-Fi Calling when on-board means of transport (trains, buses, airplanes, boats, etc.), or to make Wi-Fi Calls using a shared connection. All use of the Wi-Fi Calling service will be deducted from the minutes included in your Mobile plan. If your plan does not include unlimited minutes, you may incur fees for exceeding minutes. Use of the Wi-Fi Calling service for video calling incurs Internet data consumption, which will be deducted from the Internet plan belonging to the Wi-Fi signal provider. Invoicing rules may vary according to the customer’s location when making Wi-Fi calls. Specific limitations apply to Emergency 911 services. To inform yourself about invoicing rules and the limits of Emergency 911 services, please consult the Wi-Fi Calling service terms and conditions section of the Videotron website.