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Did you know that you’re in full control of your Videotron services?



In the middle of this confinement period, where you have to stay at home as much as possible and limit non-essential travel, you have the ability to change or pay for Videotron services by yourself.


Whether it’s for your Helix, TV, Internet or Mobile services, you’re in control of the majority of the actions or changes that you may want to make. Everything can be done quickly and easily without having to call Customer Service. Here are a few of the solutions that you can take full advantage of self-service with.


Online billing

Online billing allows you to access your invoice as soon as we send it. Since we keep store it for 36 months, you can access it at any time to view it again.


Are you not sure that you completely understand all the information on your invoice? We have tools to help you better understand the following topics:

Do you have any questions about how you’re billed? Find all the answers to all your questions by using the following links:

User Centre + App

The User Centre+ app allows you to easily access your Videotron account on all your mobile devices. You can manage your services, your usage and your invoice all while reading all kinds of information and tips to make the most of your packages.


Discover the User Centre+ app


Easier Management

Remember that you can also manage your services yourself, however you see fit and when you want directly from your devices. For example, learn to:


No need for Customer Service! Explore these simple options to become completely independent in managing your Videotron services and enjoy your entertainment!