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Can tech turn you into a super-parent?

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By Jean-Marie Alneus, your Videotron Pro.


Do you ever feel at a loss or powerless as a parent of young children? Does it seem as if they’re the ones in charge of the TV and Internet in your home? You are not alone! I’m a dad and I can totally relate. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place! We have some tips to help you take control of your telecommunications services.

If you aspire to be a super-mom or super-dad who knows where your kids are on the Internet at all times and makes sure they don’t overuse or misuse it, read on.


The Wi-Fi app: The source of your super powers!

Videotron’s Wi-Fi app, available on Android and Apple, gives you the power over all the devices that connect to your Videotron router. Here’s how you can use it to control when and for how long your kids are online:

  1. Open the Wi-Fi app
  2. Select your child’s device
  3. Choose the days and times when you want to grant permission for the device to connect to the Internet


So, no more arguments with your kids when it’s time to get off the Internet and do something else!


illico controls and limits: Peace of mind at last!

Videotron’s illico service delivers programming of all kinds to your television set and it isn’t always easy to monitor what your kids are watching. Fortunately, we have some tools that will help.

Follow these steps to access parental controls on your Videotron new generation terminal:

  1. Press the “+” button on your remote control and then select “Settings.”
  2. Select “Controls and Limits” and create a 4-digit PIN if you have not already done so.
  3. Enter changes according to your preferences. You can block programs classified for specific ages (e.g. 13+, 16+) and/or block television altogether outside of specified times.

So this way your kids won’t be able to access blocked programs or blocked times without your PIN. You’ll be able to control the remote as if you were holding it in your hand – without being there!

More help here.



With these tips, you are fully armed to reclaim your “super-parent” powers. Don’t be a slave to technology; make it serve you!