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Because mobile mishaps are all too common...

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Maybe you’re clumsy, easily distracted or just plain unlucky. Or maybe you’re a natural risk-taker. Whatever the case, you’ve probably had a mishap with your mobile device at some point. We all have!


Cellphones are frequently forgotten, dropped or crunched against other objects. Sometimes, you get away with minor damage, like a cracked screen or dented corner. Other times, there’s nothing you can do, like when your phone has drowned orbeen smashed to pieces. 


It doesn’t just happen to other people


Cellphones are easy to damage. After all, we take them everywhere (and I mean, everywhere), pull them out a thousand times a day and expose them to all kinds of dicey situations. So it’s not surprising that so many end up going to the phone doctor—or morgue, as the case may be.


An accident can happen anytime, anyplace. You might be relaxing at the beach or working at the office, driving a car or riding a skateboard. The risk remains high all year long, and it affects everyone, young and old, from the most careless to the most prudent.



So, what can you do?


Videotron doesn’t have a solution for flat tires, long winters, horrible traffic or most of life’s other inconveniences, but we can protect your mobile device with the Mobile Device Protection Program (MDPP).


What is the MDPP?


When you purchase a device, the basic warranty essentially covers mechanical and electrical problems. That means that if your two-month-old phone won’t turn on, the basic warranty will come to the rescue.


But what if your phone doesn’t work because you accidentally put it through the wash? You can try begging the manufacturer, but they won’t be sympathetic. This is when you need the MDPP.


For just a few dollars a month, the Mobile Device Protection Program protects new devices activated on either a new subscription or renewal. If your phone takes a tumble when you’re out rock climbing, slips under the wheels of your car or takes a plunge on a rafting trip, rest assured that we’ll replace it.


Does the MDPP cover all devices?


If you have an Android device (any make or model), then the MDPP is right for you.

Got an iPhone? No worries. Apple offers AppleCare +, a program that’s similar to the MDPP.




The program is affordable and has loads of advantages: 

  • Coverage for up to 24 months
  • Expedited mobile device replacement one day following receipt of the service request
  • Cancellation of the program is possible at any time

The manufacturer’s basic warranty covers any mechanical or electrical problems for the first 12 months. After that, the MDPP takes over. The MDPP also covers things like accidental damage, cracked screens and malfunctions caused by falls or exposure to liquids.


With the MDPP, you get up to two replacements following accidental damage per 12 consecutive months, starting on the date the first service request is submitted. Note that a processing fee will apply.


If a mechanical or electrical problem comes up after the manufacturer’s basic warranty has expired, we’ll replace the device and no processing fee will apply.


Insuring goods, houses, cars, boats and pets is already a standard practice. So why not insure your phone?

Just make sure you sign up for the program before you snap your next selfie on a rollercoaster!


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