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All about Club illico mobile

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Several Videotron Mobile plans include the Club illico mobile service. What is it? How do you install it on a device? What kind of content does it feature? Find answers to all your questions below.


What is Club illico?

Club illico is a streaming platform for content in French. It features a variety of original series produced in Québec, as well as hit French-language shows and movies. New content is added each week.


What is Club illico mobile?

Club illico mobile is a feature included in most Videotron Mobile plans, including All-Inclusive plans. It lets you access all Club illico content on a phone or tablet, no matter where you are in Canada—even when you’re on the go. 


How to use Club illico mobile on a device

  1. Subscribe to a plan that includes Club illico mobile, like the All-Inclusive plans.
  2. Download the Club illico app on Google Play or the App Store.
  3. Log in to the app using your Customer Centre credentials.
  4. Enjoy your entertainment experience!


Note that Club illico mobile is a simplified version of the full app, which you can access when you subscribe via the TV service. The Club illico mobile version has some limitations. Learn more about viewing methods and limitations.  


Want to enjoy the full experience on a big screen? Find out how to add Club illico to your TV service.