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Activating your SIM card while keeping your current phone number: as simple as can be!

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You know it, we know it: getting a new phone with that tiny, brand-new SIM card is exciting!


But we also know that changing phone numbers can be a hassle: notifying all your friends and family, updating all your accounts . . . it’s a long and tedious task we could all do without.


  • You just got a new mobile phone that you totally love, but you love your current phone number just as much? 
  • You’re a new Videotron customer and you want to transfer your phone number over from your previous service provider? 
  • You added your teenager’s mobile line to your Videotron account and he just has to keep his “I-gave-it-to-all-my-friends-so-I-can’t-change-it-now” phone number?

Relax—with Videotron, you can activate your new SIM card AND keep your current phone number!

All you have to do is:


  • Insert the SIM card into your mobile device;
  • Call our toll-free automated activation service at: 1-833-657-5507.

For more information, visit our Support section here