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8 ideas for a boredom-free staycation

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Planning to stay put during your vacation? There are lots of ways to relax and recharge right at home! Here are eight ideas for things you can do at home or nearby for a memorable staycation at a low cost.


1. Enjoy a culinary getaway

Cook up recipes from different countries and take your taste buds on a culinary voyage. Plan a multicultural or single-cuisine menu, then explore your local specialty grocery stores to source specific ingredients. 


2. Host a movie night

Get out the blankets, popcorn, and candy to turn movie watching into a genuine movie night. Take the experience a step further by setting up a well-stretched white sheet and a projector so you can really get that big-screen movie feel. In the summertime, you could even take your equipment outside for a movie under the stars.  


Not sure which movie to choose? Check out your TV service on-demand content, or rent a movie directly on Helix or on illico. You can also find suggestions for all tastes on Club illico.


3. Explore local natural areas

Find a national, provincial, or regional park you’ve never visited before, then set off on an adventure! Each park has its own unique wildlife, plants, and activities. You may discover a new slice of paradise you wouldn’t have explored otherwise.


4. Plan a spa day at home

Spa day basics: a hot bath, a cold bath (the pool), Zen music, and the scent of eucalyptus in the air, which you can recreate with an essential oil for a just few dollars. Don’t forget a light meal, a good book, and time for a nap. Take it a step further with a face mask, body scrub, and a new nail polish from the drugstore. A little pampering for very little money! 


Remember that at the spa, you leave your cell phone in the change room. To completely unwind—even at home—learn how to pause a device with the Helix Fi app.


5. Discover geocaching

Geocaching is modern-day treasure hunting where you use a GPS to find objects hidden by other players around the world. Cache coordinates are available at Geocaching is free and can be done with the GPS in your cellphone. You can also purchase a more accurate GPS device. Find out more on the Association Géocaching Québec website. 


6. Travel virtually with Google Street View

Wander the narrow streets of Barcelona, explore Saint Mark’s Square at your leisure, or visit Tokyo without the long journey with Google Street View. The app also lets you visit museums, galleries, and mythical places like Machu Picchu. A virtual experience clearly isn’t the same as going in person, but it does let you escape on a dreary afternoon—and maybe even dream about your next destination.


7. Go camping in your yard or house

In summer, pitch a tent in your backyard and sleep in the fresh air. You can even throw in some traditional camping activities, like picnicking, reading a book by flashlight, or building a campfire. Is it winter? Or maybe it’s raining? Move your campsite to the living room. The kids will love it! Sweeten the experience by microwaving some delicious s’mores in a cup. 


8. Take in the sunrise or sunset

There are some activities we only think of doing while travelling. But you can see the sun from anywhere in the world, even from home! Find a spot nearby where you’ll have a beautiful view to the east or west, then enjoy a serene (or even romantic!) moment. 


Taking it easy: What vacations are all about!

Much of the satisfaction you feel on vacation comes from taking the time to stop and appreciate the little things. Strolling to a local café you’ve been meaning to try for a long time is one great way to unwind. Have a fun vacation, whether solo or with family or friends! 


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Last update : February 13, 2024