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6 tips for managing your mobile plan while travelling




The summer holidays are coming up and, unlike the past two summers, this year’s getaway options are limitless! Use your mobile abroad like you would at home, worry free and with no unexpected surcharges, thanks to our mobile options. Here are six tips to ensure you get the most out of your Mobile plan when you vacation in the US, France, or elsewhere in the world.


  1. Plan before you go

When it comes time to pack, check how your Mobile plan works abroad. What’s included in your regular plan? Could certain services incur additional charges? What are the roaming rates for the country you’re travelling to? This will help you plan ahead and avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Attention :The 3G network has been withdrawn in the United States.In order to make calls, receive calls, or exchange text messages in this country (including Puerto Rico and the American Virgin Islands), you must use a device compatible with the VoLTE feature.
Check the compatibility of your device with the VoLTE feature in the US.


  1. Take advantage of the Daily Traveller Pass

This option allows you to enjoy your Mobile plan as if you were at home, without paying per-use roaming fees! The Daily Traveller Pass can be added to any Videotron Mobile plan. Easy to use, it’s automatically triggered whenever you use one of your plan’s services (phone, text, or data) while travelling. It’s great when travelling abroad because:

  • you only pay for the days you use your phone;
  • the $10/day flat-rate in the US and $14/day flat-rate internationally keeps your costs under control;
  • you can use your Mobile to full capacity.


The Daily Traveller Pass can easily be managed from your Customer Centre or the Travel section of the User Centre + app. For all the details, see the article What is the Daily Traveller Pass?


  1. Monitor your data

Oh, no! You’re travelling in the US and  running out of data! Add a Canada-US Data Add-on to browse the web freely. You can add an On-Demand Data Add-on, which provides an additional one-time 500 MB or 1 GB, or a Permanent Data Add-on, which is added monthly to your Mobile plan to ensure you never go over your limit.


It’s often best to add a Data Add-on beforehand than to pay the overage charges when you go over your limit. And it’s easy! Log on to your Customer Centre and click on Manage Data Add-ons.


  1. Minimize costs with Wi-Fi calls

When there’s a poor mobile signal or you want to reduce roaming rates, you can make calls over Wi-Fi. This service is available in more than 100 countries. Just connect to a Wi-Fi network and enable the service in your device settings (learn more about activating Wi-Fi Calling). You can then make a local call or a call to Canada without incurring long-distance fees. Isn’t that neat?


  1. A foolproof plan for frequent travellers

Do you regularly cross the border or ocean? Subscribing to one of our All-Inclusive Mobile plans covering Canada and the United States or France would be a great idea. They include unlimited calling and texting, as well as 25 GB or 50 GB of data to be used in both countries covered by the plan, with an annual 100 GB of bonus data to be used in Canada. They also give you access to Club illico mobile in Canada. For more information, check out the page of the plan you’re interested in: 


  1. Snowbirds, fly in peace

If you’re leaving Canada for one to six months (say, to get away from the cold, snowy winter), you can request the seasonal suspension of your services, such as Helix TV, illico TV, and Residential Internet. This way, you’ll avoid reconnection fees when you get back. However, you’ll keep your Mobile services and your Webmail. Good to know!


We’re always here for you

If you have an issue or question while you’re travelling, you can contact our Customer Service anytime, free of charge, by calling 611 from your mobile phone. Our team is also available if you have compatibility questions or receive error messages while abroad. Your Mobile plan will make your vacation even better, so you can enjoy it to the fullest!


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