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5G: the Speed of the Future


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A 5G network to kick into high gear

Once deployed, the new 5G technology will improve many aspects of our day-to-day lives that we may not be aware of thanks to its many benefits. One of them is its high speed, which propels us into the future.


Faster downloads

Ultimately, 5G’s increased speed will enable you to download much faster than what you’re used to. Whereas you could wait about six minutes to download a movie with 4G, you will be able to do it in less than 20 seconds, right on your mobile. What about ultra-high definition video? Less than a second! This speed will also make streaming and playing video games faster in real time or virtual reality, which will be great news to many.


Optimized collaborative work

Better speed also goes hand in hand with improved fluidity, particularly for collaborative working and teleworking. In addition to being able to quickly share and edit very large files, you’ll benefit from an optimal experience on websites, software and applications through a better connection speed. You’ll also be able to participate in clearer, cut-free video conferences and even work meetings with virtual reality (VR) headsets. Imagine a 3D view of product mock-ups, which you can edit directly as you discuss and comment with colleagues.


Expanding the potential of virtual and augmented reality

The unparalleled speed of 5G will serve the world of virtual and augmented reality, which will then be developed in all kinds of fields and blow you away. For example, you’ll be able to take virtual tours of historic sites and feel as if you were there or relive events that had an impact on the world. You could be totally immersed in a town in another era, a mythical concert by an old band or a hockey game next to Maurice Richard.


More efficient drones

With 5G speed, more and more tasks will be allocated to drones. They’ll be able to broadcast live images in real time and share them simultaneously and securely with multiple people on different devices, such as computers, mobiles and tablets. For example, they’ll be very useful in monitoring road networks and fire perimeters, or during search and rescue missions, as drones will be able to communicate with each other and with the people responsible for field operations.


5G also has a lower latency (round trip transmission time between the device and the server on the network) and improved connectivity. Read our articles about these two other benefits.