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5G: practically no latency


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5G technology to reduce latency

Once fully deployed, 5G technology will bring significant improvements to various aspects of our daily lives. For example, its lower latency, combined with ultrafast speed, will allow for unprecedented instantaneous responsiveness.


What is latency?

Latency is the delay between launching a command on a device and the expected result. An example of high latency would be those few seconds of dead air between a news reporter’s question and foreign correspondent’s answer.


Once 5G is implemented, we will be able to perform remote actions in real time, as there will be practically zero latency – 1 millisecond as opposed to today’s average 50 milliseconds


Instantaneous connections

Such low latency will allow for seamless data transfers and instantaneous, reliable connections between multiple devices. Nowadays, video calls are becoming increasingly prominent in our work and personal lives. 5G will make communications better and faster, even between multiple people at once, and even when some of them are speaking at the same time!


Real-time interventions

Emergency responders will also benefit from these instantaneous connections. Firefighters with front-view cameras, for example, could enter a burning building and follow the remote instructions of someone who knows the building well and can guide them in real time via a live feed. Meanwhile, physicians could perform surgery on patients in another country using state-of-the-art medical devices in real time.


Smooth online gaming

All gamers agree: there’s nothing worse than when there’s lagging between their input and the game's response, especially in real-time games, where a delay can be a matter of life or death. The low latency of 5G makes for a smooth gaming experience and optimal gameplay, where any shots taken against the enemy will have instant results. Furthermore, gamers will be able to switch from playing on their console or computer to playing on their mobile while keeping the same response time and connectivity required to stay in the lead.


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