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5G: Increased connectivity



5G networks to increase connectivity

Once implemented, 5G technology will bring benefits that will enhance many aspects of our daily lives. In particular, it will improve connectivity capacity, allowing more devices to be connected simultaneously in the same location.


Higher performance antennas

Smart antennas used to power the 5G technology operate differently than antennas used for 4G. For example, they transmit only when triggered, not continuously, and they process the signal by beamforming. This means that the transmitted waves converge to a specific device instead of being sent diffusely.


In this way, several focused beams can be produced at the same time to serve a multitude of connected objects and devices simultaneously with equal effectiveness and optimal connection for each. Imagine a crowd of festival goers attending an outdoor concert. Everyone will be able to use their mobile phone to share live content on social networks, without any lag or network interruption.


More connected devices

With 5G technology, the number of devices that can be connected to the network will increase significantly, from a current average of 2,000 devices per square kilometre to one million devices. What’s more, all of these objects in our daily lives will instantly have access to an Internet connection, which will allow them to exchange information with each other in real time. For example, a smart home will be able to increase the temperature upon detecting your arrival. Your smartwatch will as well be able to tell you that a car is approaching while you’re jogging and show you what you have in your fridge when you’re at the grocery store.


De la réalité virtuelle et augmentée à profusion

La vitesse incomparable de la 5G servira l’univers de la réalité virtuelle et augmentée, qui pourra se développer dans toutes sortes de domaines et vous en mettre plein la vue. Vous aurez par exemple la chance de faire des visites virtuelles de lieux historiques comme si vous y étiez ou de revivre des événements qui ont marqué le monde. Vous pourriez profiter d’une immersion totale dans une ville à une autre époque, dans un concert mythique d’un groupe disparu ou encore dans un match de hockey aux côtés de Maurice Richard.


Smart cities

This large number of devices connected to the 5G network will enable the birth of smart cities on a larger scale. Imagine all the data shared by the different objects and sensors and then collected to improve quality of life for the inhabitants. We can think of public transit that is better adapted to the population, of optimized public services, such as those during work on the water and electrical systems, and of increased surveillance for greater safety. Cities where self-driving cars could easily travel on specific routes and find parking, while reducing the likelihood of accidents.


5G is also about faster speeds and reduced latency. Read our articles about these two other benefits.