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4 hot features of the Pixel 3

Chroniqueur techno





Fall 2018 is literally overflowing with new phones—and it’s a good vintage! All the manufacturers are trying to lure you in with new tech, fresh features and one-of-a-kind appeal.


On October 9, Google unveiled a new line of products in New York City, including the new Pixel 3 and its big brother, the Pixel 3 XL, which I’ve been using for the last few weeks. Here are 4 features that I’m feeling right now:



  • Camera


It was hard to hide my shock when it was announced the Pixel 3 would only be graced with a single camera, while the trend gods dictate two—sometimes three—lenses to enhance the user’s photo experience. That said, when I tested the 12.2 MP (megapixel) camera, my surprise was overwhelmingly positive.


Actually, the Pixel 3 camera has nothing to blush about compared to the high-end phones currently on the market. Its constantly updated software means the device produces vivid and brilliant pics. Plus, it comes equipped with the uber-famous and super-efficient portrait mode, allowing you to play with depth of field…like a boss. J


On the front of the Pixel 3, you’ll find two cameras for classic selfies and group selfies. Over are the times of the overstretched arm and feats of contortionism just to fit everyone in the frame! One of the front-facing cameras offers a very handy wide-angle effect that totally delivers. So give your selfie stick to someone who needs it and capture those perfect panorama moments with your bare hands!  



  • Digital Wellbeing


Shortly, giants like Apple, Facebook and Google are all going to provide us with features to show us just how much time we’re spending in front of our screens. Dive into the Pixel 3’s settings to find the Digital Wellbeing suite, where you’ll discover user stats like: the amount of time you’ve spent using each app, the number of times you’ve unlocked your phone today, the number of notifications you’ve received, and so on…


Why do I need to know all that, you might ask?! Because you get to learn more about your phone habits. It’s all about gaining awareness, and not all notifications are made equal.  


Real talk: it’s difficult to disconnect from your handheld BFF. The Digital Wellbeing suite of tools can help you set limits, cut down on interruptions and notifications, and even switch off colours and excess light when bedtime rolls around.


Going offline is good for you and that’s why Google offers you a toolbox of sweet little hacks to simplify your life.



  • Wireless charging


Nothing new, you say? Suspend your disbelief for a second because the Pixel 3 has taken wireless charging to the next level with the Google Pixel Stand. It’s a vertical charging station that lets you customize the display and your user experience in the Google/Pixel environment.  


You can turn the Pixel Stand into a digital photo frame to show off your pics AND to display the face of whomever comes a-knockin’ at your front door when you combine it with the Nest Hello video doorbell.


Check out the PIXEL STAND here


  • Pixel Buds


So it’s not really about the phone, per se, but it comes with…gosh I love these Pixel Buds…with their perfect fit and superior sound!


It’s always risky to talk earbuds (in-ear headphones), due to it being a bit of a love-hate subject and all. If you’re one of the haters because your “earbuds are always popping out of your ears”, Google’s got a solution for you.


The Pixel Buds’ design will make you do a double take: they’re wired, and they fit snuggly inside your earlobes. To set them comfortably in place, simply adjust the size of the loop. These buds rock a USB C connection and can be used to communicate with Google Assistant.


You also gotta know that when you unwrap your Pixel 3, you’ll find a USB C to headphone jack too, which isn’t always the case with other phones. It’s an awesome addition if you’ve invested in a headset that you use all the time! 

















Shopping for a new cell? Consider the Pixel 3…the Google environment is always getting more and more attractive and their devices, more and more high-performance.


Do you know Google’s products? Which one really gets you going? Thinking about migrating to a Google phone? If you are, why? Share your experience with other members on the forum!