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Transferring data: Are apps the solution?

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In our final article on how to transfer data, we’re taking a closer look at manufacturer applications. Are they a good option?


Data transfer apps can be helpful if you haven’t synced your content to the cloud and you’re in a hurry. This method can also be handy if you’re switching from a Google platform to an Apple one. Most phone manufacturers have created apps for transferring data from one make to another. It’s in their best interest to make the process easier for users.


Here’s a brief overview of what these apps can do.


Pro tip: Keep in mind that different companies allow you to transfer different types of data. Depending on which data transfer method you use, you might need to download the app to your old phone or use cables. Most manufacturers provide the equipment you need, but it’s important to double check that you have all the right things before you start the transfer process.


Wireless transfers                                                                               

Most manufacturers offer a wireless transfer option.


This usually entails installing an app on both phones and following the instructions provided. You’ll be asked to identify the old phone first, and then the new one. Then you can choose what information you want to transfer to the new device.


Here is a list of apps used for wireless data transfers:

  • Xperia Transfer Mobile app by Sony
  • Smart Switch by Samsung
  • LG Mobile Switch by LG
  • Phone Clone by Huawei
  • Move to iOS by Apple


Cloud transfers

This method of transferring data is very similar to doing it through your Google or iCloud account. It’s a fast option if you’re making the switch from an Apple product to a Google Android product.


Here is a list of apps used for cloud data transfers:

  • Xperia Transfer Mobile app by Sony
  • Smart Switch by Samsung


USB cable transfers  

The advantage of this method is that the transfer tends to be faster. Most manufacturers sell devices with an adapter that allows you to connect two phones. The application will walk you through the steps to make sure the connection is done properly.


When you buy a Google Pixel 2, the instructions for doing a USB data transfer appear the first time you start the phone.


Here is a list of apps that support USB data transfers:

  • Xperia Transfer Mobile by Sony
  • Smart Switch by Samsung
  • LG Mobile Switch by LG

As you can see, it’s getting easier to transfer data from one device to another. Even if you want to switch platforms or manufacturers, you can still find a solution that will allow you to keep what matters most to you!


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