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Helix updates

I have been using Helix for a few months now and I realize there have been no software updates. Sadly, i heard that videotron will not be improving the Helix as it is 3rd party software.
Please tell me this is not the case.

If there are updates in the pipeline, when can we expect them to be implemented?
It would be wonderful to know that picture-in-picture(PIP) is coming.
Will any apps be added? Crave app, for example for crave subscribers!
Thank you,
An underwhelmed Helix user

Super utilisateur
Super utilisateur

No idea where you heard that Helix will not be improved as it has been mulitple times since it's release.


Updates are somewhat frequent and done automatically overnight but they don't necessarly bring in new features or any visible changes.


Last thing to mention is that videotron typically doesn't announce upcoming updates. They're there when they're there.