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Everything you need to know about temporary service suspension

Community Manager




Will you be away from home for an extended period? Are you trading Québec’s chilly winters for the warmth of southern sun? Temporary service suspension is a great option for you!


Which services? You can suspend all of your services: Internet, telephone, and television. Please note that it’s not possible to suspend Mobile services.

For how long? Service suspension can last from one to six months, depending on your needs, but please note that you can only suspend your service(s) once per year. 

How much does it cost? A fee of $49.95 will be required for temporary suspension of all of your services. Reconnection fees will not be charged.


What you need to know about temporary service suspension: 

  • You must be absent from your home for the entirety of the service suspension period.
  • Service reconnection will occur during the week, namely from Tuesday to Friday.
  • You can cancel your temporary service suspension any time between the date that you make your suspension request, and the date that you plan on leaving your home.


  • Even during your service suspension, Web email remains available at:
  • If you do not wish to suspend all of your services, you can provide us with a temporary address for the billing of your remaining active services.

Find out more about temporary service suspension on the Support section of our website here.