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Galaxy Note8 Smart Focus

Hi, this is for any of you with the Note8.


Now that the device have officially a month in the market, can you tell us your impressions?


Battery life, overall performance, sPen, dual camera, etc.

I read somewhere that the dual focus feature is not as nice as all the hype had made us believe.  I will like to know how it compares to the portrait mode of Apple and how well that dual OIS is working out for the Note8.

In your opinion does the Note8 is worth getting over the S8+ specially when considering the price hyke between them compared to the features.

Thanks in advance


Rédacteur Web

Hi @samrec


I do have the joy of using a Galaxy Note8 currently. However, I'm far from a practiced and experienced «phonetograper». All I know is that when I point and click with this device, the photos are less blurry and I end up with a better picture than with my previous phone (A Note 4 which is significantly older). 


I'm sure there's more experienced photographs that could answer your question. @MathieuRoy , maybe? 


Vincent Quigley

Your Community Manager