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Here’s what people were talking about on the Forum this month

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  1. Customer Centre

The Customer Centre is the place to go to manage your account and your method of payment, buy mobile data add-ons, track your data usage and more! All just a click away.


To set up a Customer Centre account if you don’t already have one, you just need your Videotron account number. It’s on the invoice in the top right corner, beside the invoice date.


Managing your Customer Centre from your mobile is a snap with the User Centre+ app. Download it now!


  1. Customizing your TV channels and display

Want to change the channel that appears on the screen when you turn on your TV set (your default channel)? It’s not complicated:


It’s also easy to manage your favourites and customize your display in order to get a fully personalized experience:


  1. Cybersecurity and protecting yourself against scams

You can’t be too careful online. We tell you how to protect yourself against the fraudsters:






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