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Content transfer: Using manufacturers’ applications

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To transfer your content from an old mobile device to a new one, you can use specially designed manufacturer applications.


From the following applications offering this feature, choose the one that matches your new device:


Pro tip: Transferable content may vary from one company to the next. With some transfer methods, you may have to download the application on your old model or use transfer material. While most manufacturers provide the equipment you need, make sure you have everything you need before starting the transfer.


Content transfer can be convenient when you haven’t synchronized your content in the cloud and are in a bit of a hurry. This will also help if you switch from Google to Apple. Most phone manufacturers thought to create an application enabling you to transfer your content from one device to the other to make things easier.


Here’s a quick look at what these applications can do.


Wireless transfers                                                                               

Wireless transfer is the most common option available to manufacturers thanks to Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi Direct technologies.


Generally, you just need to have the app on both phones and follow the instructions. You will first be asked to identify the old device and then the new one. You can then choose what you want to transfer to your new phone.


Cloud transfers

This is very similar to a Google or iCloud account transfer. It’s very effective when you want to transfer your data from an Apple product to an Android one. Make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network or have sufficient data to proceed without exceeding your limit.


USB cable transfers  

This method usually helps speed up the transfer. Most manufacturers provide an adaptor with their product to connect the devices together. The application will help you connect everything properly.


As you can see, it’s getting easier to transfer data from one device to another. Even if you want to switch platforms or manufacturers, you can still find a solution that will allow you to keep what matters most to you!


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