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Re: Partner Network
Partner 1 is like your home network, the usage will show on your plan
Re: VoLTE: ETA on if and when this will launch on Videotron
iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus support it now. Will iPhone 6s support it as well ? Or I have to upgrade my iPhone?
Re: VoLTE: ETA on if and when this will launch on Videotron
I know the other carries support BYOD. Videotron should support that. And besides, now you can check your SIM card VoLTE in your online account now
Re: VoLTE: ETA on if and when this will launch on Videotron
Apple Watch 3 is also coming , need VoLTE support. Will videotron join the party ?
Re: Apple watch 3 support on videotron
The volte and wifi calling is on the test according to a person who replied my previous question
Re: After unlimited music shut down
That's really unfair acturally. Videotron should treat its customers the same way......Kira wrote:Hmm  yes and no, here's why. Everyone that is affected by the removal has received a temporary extra 8gb of data in preparation of the real data blocs. Since August 3rd, at your billing data, that 8gb will be removed and replaced with the actual compensation data bloc that varies between 1 and 8gb. The bloc is based on your highest usage of unlimited music in the past 12 months. Between 0 and 1 gb of music => 1gb extraBetween 1 and 2 gb of music => 2gb extraBetween 2 and 4 gb of music => 4gb extra4gb of music and higher => 8gb extraYou should of gotten a letter this summer letting you know what you where supposed to get.If you didn't simply contact an agent from technical support or customer care and they should be able to tell you what it is.
Re: Semi basement reception
I hope we could launch WiFi calling soon to resolve the problem
Re: Unlimited Music
I got only 2 GB. But I know someone got 8 GB ! That's really unfair actually 😑