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Helix app sucks in the USA

Videotron's web site claims that the Helix app (android in my case) will play videos ANYWHERE.  Well that's a lie as I am in the US and when I try to play a PVR video in the app (I am logged in with my credentials) says "We've got a location issue.  Unfortunately , we can't play this video within this country."  So I can't play the videos from my PVR to cast on the TV in our hotel.  Very disappointing as the marketing claim is a lie.


There are notions at the bottom. Read the #1 entry.

Thanks st0106,


That's really nice small print from Videotron.  Bell app worked in Portugal in 2019.  😉

Yup, these geographic restriction imposed by big media will really send me toward cable cutting for TV.  Especially with Videotron not having AMC (we like a lot of shows on AMC) and playing **blip** for tat with Bell at the moment.  I'll start looking at getting rid of both of these overly large companies.

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the Helix app. It's frustrating when a service doesn't live up to its marketing claims. Location restrictions can sometimes limit access to content even when you're using your register credentials. It might be worth reaching out to Videotron's customer support to see if there's a solution or workaround for your situation. They may be able to provide guidance on accessing your PVR videos while in the US.