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Helix app on fire stick stop working

Suddendly the helix app stopped working on my Amazon fire stick. I can open the app but nothing load, even the channel list don’t load.I clear cacheI force stoppedI uninstall and reinstallAfter all this it still don’t work, are they currently any iss...

Resolved! Helix Terminal 2 ?

Bonjour, Je vois que le Helix Terminal 2 est disponible pour achat. Il y a des amélioraitons par rappart à la Version 1? Merci! Francis

Resolved! Channel 124

Can we finally have the channel 124 (BET) in High Definition channel (HD)? Channel 724 perhaps!!!

Resolved! Helix updates

Hello,I have been using Helix for a few months now and I realize there have been no software updates. Sadly, i heard that videotron will not be improving the Helix as it is 3rd party software.Please tell me this is not the case.If there are updates i...

dpweb7 by Initiate
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Resolved! Helix app is a **blip**p, recording lost in space

Started downloading a recording to my phone only to realize that Videotron has a ridiculous policy of only being able to watch and manage a recording only in one place from their PVR cloud.  So I cancelled the download and now the recording cannot be...

tuxking by Disciple
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Televion Sound

 On the Hélix remote my finger slid from Volume control to TV Input and I lost sound.  TV is Sony and I have Pioneer Tuner attached. After a frustrating hour on the phone the Videotron Technician could not correct the problem.

City tv

Why is videotron not a service provider for the citytv app? Will it be a service provider soon? There is a show I would like to watch on demand but can’t access it.

Kk13 by Initiate
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Samsung GX-VD940CJ CableCARD

So, recently I inherited a Samsung GX-VD940CJ box manufactured by Vidéotron. To my surprise, the terminal comes with a CableCARD in the back of it.     The question I have about this is, if I sign up for a traditional illicoTV package and I authorize... QWN6LD-min.jpeg
ArianK by Initiate
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Resolved! Can you change the IP range used by the router?

I plan on installing helix in brdige mode and then just plugging in my network.I have a complex installation with static ipS. DHCP and a separate 10gbe network.All my devices are set to the range to 255 but the router is set to 192.168.0....

tomb181 by Initiate
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Helix TV updates

Those of you who are with Helix TV for a long time, do we see regular software updates on that TV service?  I see people complaining about small software issues (on these forums) that should be easy to resolve if they had a few developers assigned to...

Crave premium channels plus HBO

It says the Crave bundle is 20$ more on our bill, but when i check to add it, it only goes up by 5$So can someone explain this to me please? there's a big difference between only 5$ and 20$if it is only 5$ please let me know the conditions so i can m...

Satana by Initiate
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Helix App on NVidia Shield TV

I just subscribed to the Helix App offer.  I have two streaming devices in different parts of the house.  One is an Amazon Fire TV 4K Max, and the other is an NVidia Shield TV (which I much prefer over the Amazon device). I am really frustrated becau...

FFFern by Initiate
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Illico remote

I need to replace my illico remote…does Videotron sell them in their stores or any advice on where to buy a new one??

Genet by Initiate
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Stingray channel numbers on Helix

Hi! I have just switched from Illico to Helix, and the first thing I discovered was that all of the channel numbers have changed! Of course, the common advice is that I "just have to talk into the remote", but this isn't always practical, for a numbe...

Resolved! Search Option on Helix

I recently moved from Bell to Videotron, with Bell I could search for any show to either set up recordings or watch immediately. I don't see that option through Helix. Specifically, I'd like to pvr all  John Oliver episodes on Crave without having to...

Helix TV app

When using the Helix tv app can you record and view tv? Do you have to pay extra for this feature?

Channels on demand

Why can we not have more English channels to choose from in channels on demand? I understand that we live in Quebec but we have rights also. We used to have a Global TV and then showcase but now we only have global TV. Why not add Citytv and or CTV?

jocote by Initiate
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