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On demand stations

HiI just switched over to Vidéotron and I cannot seem to find the same selection of on demand stations, like National Geographic for example. Do they offer the on demand for stations you subscribe to like other providers do.

Scuba by Initiate
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Streaming Spotify from Helix to a Yamaha RX-V4A

I have Helix TV and a Yamaha Rx-V4A receiver. The receiver has WiFi and is able to stream music from various sources such as Amazon and various radio stations that also broadcast on the Internet.What I would like to do is "forward" Spotify from the H...

JohnG by Initiate
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How to update Firestick ?

                                       : To update your Firestick, follow these steps : 1. Connect to the Internet : Ensure that your Firestick is connected to the internet, either via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.2. Navigate to Settings : From the Fir...

aqib123 by Initiate
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How do i fix firestick freezing issue ?

If your Firestick is freezing frequently, there are several steps you can try to resolve the issue: 1.  Restart your Firestick : Sometimes, a simple restart can fix temporary glitches. You can do this by unplugging the Firestick from the power source...

aqib123 by Initiate
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Resolved! W network free preview

According to ads running on other channels and on facebook, W network seems to be on free preview for the month of  November but when I select the channel it says I need to subscribe to it.  Anyone else have this issue. I'm on Helix TV. 

vinsogna by Initiate
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free preview

are there any free preview channels every month and how to see on guide? on free to me?

Resolved! Changing language in Helix

Just got Helix and would like to change the default language to English  when I use the remote etc., everything is in French.

JW787 by Initiate
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Voice command channel selection

Hope videotron comes up with a fix for this annoyance. When i ask for a show EG: Grammy Awards,  but it selects a channel I don't have instead of the other 4 its on that i do have. Terrible. 

Resolved! Crave

According to the Crave website and app, 'Deadwood, The Movie' is available to view, but when I check in my Helix Crave on Demand it is nowhere to be found. We just watched the whole series and are very disappointed that we cannot continue with the mo...

SuCre by Initiate
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Resolved! Helix app on fire stick stop working

Suddendly the helix app stopped working on my Amazon fire stick. I can open the app but nothing load, even the channel list don’t load.I clear cacheI force stoppedI uninstall and reinstallAfter all this it still don’t work, are they currently any iss...

Keven497 by Initiate
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