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adding a pvr to my multi room setup

I just switched to videotron and they installed a 4k pvr with a 4k normal terminal that are hooked up as multi room.  I had an old 4250 that i owned from long ago that I was using on my 3rd tv.  I got so sick of it when I found an x8 hd pvr on sale for 150 at Bestbuy I bought it and hooked it up.  It is activated and works fine, 


My question is, is there a way to make it connect to the other terminals so that I can see the recordings on the 2 pvrs on the 3 terminals? Or is a technician needed to do this?


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if you already have multi room enabled on your 2 previous devices, all is fine with your setup... no need for a technician. 


try to reboot all terminals... if it's still doesn't work, you will have to contact technicial support to get this sorted out.