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A little disappointed with my new Samsung 4K PVR


A little disappointed with my new Samsung 4K PVR

After playing with my new Samsung 4K PVR for several days, I decided to make notes.

First, the good. This is a real nice piece of hardware. The video is excellent. The menus are sharp and fast. The response to any remote command seems instant. The guide is nice and the transport keys are very accurate. Even the recording capacity is fine and being able to record 8 channels at a time is great. But hardware is only as good as the software controlling it. 

Now, the bad. The firmware I am referring to is version As far as PVRs go, I have tried many. Bell Satellite, TiVo, Starchoice, DTV, Channel Master Plus, Microsoft Ultimate TV and many more. They all have pluses and minuses and none are perfect. Here is a list of issues I have with the Videotron 4K PVR. 

1 - Missing. When creating a new program to record, the option of recording only new episodes and not repeat episodes is not available. Because of this, the pvr records old episodes that I have already seen. Sometimes, the pvr records multiple copies of the same show. Restricting the frequency option makes it no better than a manual timer. 
2  - Missing. The ability to see recording when the program is not in the Upcoming recordings list. This means I cannot delete a timer to a program that no longer airs. 
3 - Missing. Show names in the List of Recorded Programs when there is only 1 show. They appear when there multiple shows in a folder.
4 - Guide. Inconsistent names. Some series show the Season # while some don't.
5 - Guide. After setting the Channel Filter to Favorite, after a while it jumps back to All Channels by itself. 
6 - Guide. Sometimes when a program doesn't end or start on the hour or half hour, the yellow box jumps around back and forth and I can't select it.
7 - Bug. When forwarding in 4X, pressing the jump forward several times results in the picture freezing.

The rest of my issues are with programming options. No English weather channel in the Basic Package. BBC Canada not in HD while Skynews is. Under certain circumstances paying twice for channels. And not being able to buy Superstations 1 at a time. 


Seems like little has changed.  I just recenctly had two Samsung receivers installed (one a 8x recorder and one a 2x recorder) as part of my television package and both default to the "All Channels" selection whenever I turn off the receiver.  When I turn them back on I must once again reselect "Favorite Channels" .  Very annoying .... my solution for now ... leave them turned on 24/7.

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