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Re: After unlimited music shut down
Yeah this is unfortunate. No it's not a democracy, everybody on the unlimited plan was paying the same amount and for the same service. Market arguments don't really track.The1 gb compensation ... those who got that would have been better off clicking the button on the 2 gb free offer that Videotron sent out a couple months ago.I can speak for more than one when I say that we were paying for that plan for the opportunity to stream unlimited, and the only ones that got good compensation were those who had  soaked Videotron for max data before, the rest got shortchanged. Keep in mind, this data can now be used for anything. I have had really mixed experiences when contacting customer service. And have had to pass by 10 different roads to finally end up with an agreement they could have given me in the beginning. I'll contact them, but I just thought I'd post this here so others who also feel this is unfortunate won't feel they are alone.