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Re: Self install Helix Kit

Hello @uk1988,

We understand that you are requesting Helix, but at this time, we are focusing our new installations to homes without essential services. Please contact one of our agents by phone or chat to schedule a future Helix installation date. http://www.videotron.com/residential/contact-us


Re: Stay connected with Videotron : Ask Me Anything



I will soon be moving from Ottawa to Toronto for a few years and would love to retain my Vidéotron service, but I've been seeing conflicting information.


I first looked at my agreement that I received when I activated my line, and it says: "Your usage of Videotron partner network(s) cannot exceed more than half the amount of your total usage on the Videotron network and on Videotron partner network(s) for a period representing two consecutive billing cycles. In such case, Videotron reserves its right to suspend or permanently block your access as well as all mobile devices in your account to the said Videotron partner networks."


I did some more research and found the following when looking at my mobile service usage: "Note that when your usage of partners network 2 (calls, SMS and/or data) exceeds 50% of your total usage for 3 consecutive billing cycles, access to partner networks 2 will be blocked for 30 days."


Having been to Toronto a few months ago, I was on the PRTNR 1 network. But based on the information above, I'm not sure if I would have my service cut if I'm mostly on the PRTNR 1 network for the next few years.


Thanks Smiley Happy

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Re: Stay connected with Videotron : Ask Me Anything

Hello aG3 ! As this is a very specific situation you are having, please contact us in private so we can reach and help you.




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