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Win an LG G6+, exclusively from Videotron!

Community Manager
Community Manager




The Community is giving away the latest device from LG, the G6+, available exclusively from Videotron: LG G6+.


To enter the contest, just comment on this post and tell us which feature of the phone you like the best and why. The deadline is December 7. Good luck!

Contest rules:

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I like its looks especially the borderless screen with the amazing crisp sound.


The phone is bottonless which allowed more space to increase the size of screen.

The best feature of LG G6+ is definitely the camera abilities. But, overall, the entire blend of software and hardware makes it a perfect flagship.

The ultra thin border allowing maximum screen control


It is stylish, elegant and beautiful. It shines as the moon on a crisp starry night. Can't wait to have her in my hands to discover all she can see through her beautiful eyes. I love this piece of art.

Awesome camera - a top notch feature

Camera is top notch!


LG G6+ is sleek and sexy! I love the Square camera because; it can combine 2 different images into 1, preview a photo without ever leaving the camera function, and hello, the Grid Shots! Creative & avant-garde phone, in my opinion. Woman Happy

love the option to turn on a knock code. Always been a favorite feature in LG phones of mine, very handy to keep password low key and quick.


the LG G6 seems to have impressive material and construction quality, an excellent screen with great camera quality and dual lens implementation as well as a solid battery life.  Can't wait to own one!


Dolby Vision for the best video possible!

Very thin borders allow a really big screen!


It has minimal bezels on the sides.  That makes up for a good looking display!

The G6+ Hi-fi quad dac is great for my music listening.

Sure looks fancy Dan. I like that it is a lot bigger than the one I have. My eyesight is going.

The waterproof design and camera

All the updates to the new phone are terrific. From the screen today the camera capabilities, including the sound quality.

I don't know what all those specs mean but it sure looks fancy Dan. I like that it is big. My eyesight is going. With that much storage I can keep all my kitty cat pictures. The one I have keeps telling me I have run out of memory and need to delete pictures. Bullocks to that eh! I just delete the apps and updates.  Sure would be nice to have a phone with a battery that will not die on me before I get to where I am going with Google maps.  😉

I like the phone's camera with how its software works. I think its the phone's best feature.