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Wifi calling in my account

I updated my iPhone X carrier setting to Videotron 31.1. I have latest iOS 11.2.5. When I turn my wifi calling on, there is a msg showing up to contact Videotron , and it prevent me to enable it. I chatted with customer service and technical support on line, they could not solve it, they ask me to go to the store. I went to a store, they gave me a new SIM card , and tried on another iPhone to enable wifi calling, the same warning shows up, and it could be enabled. And I am so sad that they launch a function but I can’t use it in my account. And no one from Videotron can tell me what happenes to my service.

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Before getting into wifi calling, is the VoLTE active in your phone as well as in your account?

VoWIFI is a derivative of VoLTE so if VoLTE is absent, VoWIFI will fail.

VoLTE is actived. Calls stay on LTE. I don’t know if because my plan is old plan, Videotron doesn’t want me to use this function?

Your plan should be irrelevant to the situation.

Are you connected to a wifi network when you're trying to activate it?

yes, i did. i tried everything i could do. and and technician tried everything on his end too. but it doesnt work

I really don't know at this point.

Are you even able to pull up the form where you have to enter your adress ?


I have the same issue with both iphone 8 plus on my account. I spoke with technical support a few times and once with apple. In the end, technical support advised me that they are aware there is an issue affecting people who purchased their iphone outside of videotron and would call me back in a few days (hopefully with a solution)

Did this get resolved? I have the exact same issue with my iPhone X. Really frustrating!

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@Sebby wrote:
Did this get resolved? I have the exact same issue with my iPhone X. Really frustrating!

do you have VoLTE enabled and working on your iPhone X? this is the first thing to get... without this, Wifi calling will not work. 

You first need a compatible sim (the one that came in an yellow card and shoes NFC on this card). and then, you need VoLTE added to your account. 


I have a friend with an iPhone 8 not bought with Videotron... he got VoLTE and Wifi calling enabled and working. 

Same for my wifi's iPhone 7 Plus... bought somewhere else... and VoLTE and wifi calling working after getting the new sim and VOLTE added to her line.