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Use ZTE (Fido) cellular home home phone unit with Videotron mobile plan?


Use ZTE (Fido) cellular home home phone unit with Videotron mobile plan?

I have an unlocked ZTE wireless home phone base (from Fido)....I am hoping that I can just get a Videotron SIM card and start using this unit with Videotron services on a cheap, basic talk plan. Does anyone know if this will work?


I'm pretty sure it's the WF721C model, seen here 


Hi sorry for my english i have a zte wf721 and it works with a nano sim card from videotron by a nano sim card adapter at your local store or amazon and fit it in the device as shown and it will work if your device is unlocked

and if your device is locked here is how to unlock it pay a third party to get the unlock code for the imei its a 16 digits code and do this

Please connect WF721 with a landline, plug a cordless telephone the the number jack 1 in the back of your zte then pick up the receiver and put on speaker essyer to  dial and be quick about it if you are to long to type restart and try again if you pause to long when you dial it wont work be sure to not have the sims card in the device turn on the device and have the batterie in the device dial with your unlock code witch is the new imei 16 digits instead of the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you must dial as shown asterix and titacto simbol  * 9 8 3 * 8 6 * xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #  once you have done this turn off the device and put your sim card in and be sure to put it in the right way as the diagram shows where the sim card goes put back the baterry and restatr your device if it works great if not dont panic just redoo the sequence * 9 8 3 * 8 6 * xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #and it will be unlocked.

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