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Cell network selection

So I'm not sure if something has changed with Videotrons arrangements with other providers, but I notice now that when I leave the ottawa area, my phone is connecting to "Videotron Prtner 1", which I believe is Rogers.... however I never seem to get LTE anymore. 


If I take the network selection off Automatic and manually select "Videotron Prtner 2", all is good. however I then need to manually switch it back to videotron once back in my network zone. 

Anyone else experiencing this or somethign similar?


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I'm not sure what is going on for you... 

but for me, it looks fine... I was in Toronto last week... and I didn't have any problem... LTE was working fine everywhere on partner 1. 


when you do not get LTE, do you at still get 3G speed?

which phone do you have?

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Different phones may have different performances. Not all towers use the same frequencies (bands), and not all phones support the same bands.


So speeds and coverage may vary.


Else, tech support can check network coverage in specific areas.


Oh my god I thought I was the only one experiencing this issue.  I came onto the forum to see if I should post the question. 


Instead of the automatic network selection choosing the best connection, it's choosing in alphabetical order it seems.  I constantly need to switch between Manual and Automatic network selection, because of no 3G/LTE connection at all or terrible reception.    


I have found that rebooting my cell phone will occasionally improve the situation, but does not prevent it from happening in the first place.   I've come to know the problem zones (ex, inside village core of Hammond) but still it's extremely frustrating. 


If you remain on core highways like the 401, you're not going to experience the issue. 


I'm using a iPhone 8.