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Videotron Giga Speeds


Videotron Giga Speeds

Can those with the Videotron GIGA plan confirm what the FASTEST SPEED is that they've achieved (whether on a single device, or across multiple devices)? I've had techs come to 'fix' the speeds several times now -- the last time, I was told that it was likely a firmware issue with the Videotron modem, and that while the line can go the full 1gbps (930mbps in reality), the modem can't seem to deliver more than ~500mbps max. They told me they would contact me when there was a fix, but it's been several weeks now and I haven't heard anything, so not sure what to believe at this point.


> What are you using to test your Internet speed ?  If you're using a browser, make sure you're using the official Videotron speed test site



Videotron themselves tell you not to use their own site, because it can't provide enough bandwidth to reach giga speeds. I used various servers on, and then tested indepedently by downloading files from gigabit servers to a single device, and then to multiple devices (aggregating the total speed)



> Also, the browser you use can make a difference and any Antivirus / firewall program will also affect the result.  I did a few tests on my computer and I found out Firefox is usually less affected by my antivirus program than Chrome or Edge.

The issue is not browser or PC (CPU)-related - confirmed by Videotron techs
My particular issue is 100% that the modem cannot reach gigabit speeds at the moment, at least not in my house it can't. That's why I was looking for proof of someone with the same service having actually reached gigabit speeds

Use a direct cable plugged directly into the videotron router. And then you'll achieve full speed (940).

Of course the other end of the cable must be plugged into your computer.

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