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TC4400-AM default username/password?

Hello, I upgraded to the 940mbps connection. Videotron replaced my modem with the Technicolor TC4400-AM.


According to:


The default username and password should be admin/password. I have done the 30/30/30 reset, and I still cannot login to the modem. Has Videotron locked down the modem? How can I login?


Super utilisateur
Super utilisateur

You can only login to the routeur with the username "admin" and  a blank password.

Acces to the modem is not possible. 

Okay so the answer is that Videotron has locked down the modem. A quick google of the TC4400 shows that most (US) ISPs haven't locked down the modem and allow their users access by reseting and logging in via Well that's disappointing, but at least I know that's why the 30/30/30 reseting doesn't work.

user/password works for me

Hello gigabit,


Just wanted to confirm with you that you have the Gigabit offer with the Technicolor TC4400-AM.

I called Videotron a few days ago and the woman wanted to force me to take Helix if I wanted to have gigabit ;-(

(I currently havce the Technicolor TC4400-AM with the 400Mbps offer)

But based on your saying, the Technicolor TC4400-AM should work 🙂

thanks !