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Nextcloud server can't see from another device on the same network



I have Nextcloud (replaces google drive, one drive, and more) set up at an https:// address which I can see from my mobile on a Bell network, with Videotron wifi off.


I cannot see it from my laptop on the same network.


Presumably, there is a setting that I need to adjust.  But I can't find any documentation.  Please advise on the process.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Greetings frustrated! 


I suggest turning off Advanced Security on the Helix Fi app. To do this, click on "Account" at the top left of the Helix Fi app screen, then go to "Helix Fi Advanced Security" and press the "turn off" option. 

I hope this helps! 




It did not resolve the issue.  I am currently reviewing other possible solutions and will advise.