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monitoring Bandwidth usage of devices


monitoring Bandwidth usage of devices

Hi all,


I am totally new to Videotron home internet and i am so far so happy with it, specially the speed! my service was installed yesterday morning, today i checked the usage at 7 am in the mobile app and it says 10 GB of download (!) which 5 of it was between midnight and 4am which doesn't seem right as long as i didn't run any updates or ... during the night.

I just want to know if there is any way i make sure what was that weird internet usage about? maybe a trick that i can monitor all of my devices' bandwidth usage?




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Re: monitoring Bandwidth usage of devices



The best way to avoid any usage from being done without your knowing about it during the night, is to turn off your computer when you're not using it. Our usage calculator does not allow us to know the content or source of items downloaded through your modem. Actually, it would be illegal for Videotron to invade your privacy in such a manner.

If you own  a wireless router, please make sure that your wireless connection is protected by installing an access key. This will secure your wireless network and will prevent other internet users to use your connection fraudulently.


Thank you for your understanding,



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